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Providing full-service, end-to-end, integrated commissary solutions including all goods, technology and ongoing management.

When you’re looking for experts to create a state of the art commissary program at your facility, US Commissary Solutions is the solution. US Commissary Solutions experts understand correctional technology issues, we understand the correctional environment and we understand how commissary programs fit into facility management. US Commissary Solutions can provide full-service, end-to-end, integrated commissary solutions which includes merchandise, technology, hardware, software and professional ongoing management.

At US Commissary Solutions we work with the best component and application suppliers in the nation; all our applications are actively in use at some of the largest correctional agencies in the country. We also provide and support an extensive suite of fully-hosted applications to help manage various commissary related correctional programs.

US Commissary Solutions is staffed by a team of recognized experts from the correctional field. Our dedicated team has extensive real world experience in commissary operations from Municipal to county and State commissary programs. Our US Commissary Solutions team will work with you to develop and implement a complete package of commissary technologies and services which will meet your unique needs and goals. US Commissary Solutions can run your entire commissary program from the initial ordering process all the way through to the delivery.

When you work with US Commissary Solutions “We take care of the commissary so you don’t have to.”

US Commissary Solutions is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Turn Key implementation, operation and management of customized commissary programs
  • Fully ACA and AJA compliant commissary operations
  • Technologically advanced and easy-to-use trust fund accounting services as well as deposit services, lobby kiosks, medical and commissary modules etc.
  • The latest computer technology through partnership agreements with leaders in the correctional telecom and software applications industry with guaranteed tech support
  • Integrations with all JMS and other in-place systems
  • Automated ordering and payment services
  • Programs data analysis and consulting designed to minimize or eliminate credits
  • Increased commission revenue
  • Thousands of jail-safe products
  • Special facility specific items
  • Innovative new programs like MP3 distribution to increase sales and revenue
  • Customized package programs
  • An offender Dress Out Clothing Program
  • Customized intake, indigent and weekender kits
  • Same day shipping from secure distribution centers
  • Hassle-free warranty and return policies
  • In-house experts hired from the correctional industry that specialize only in commissary operations