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Providing programs that allow offenders to order custom CDs filled with their favorite songs plus MP3 players.

Union Supply has been selling digital music to offenders since 2003. Since then our Union Supply Media division has expanded from selling off-the shelf CDs to include a program that allows offenders to order custom CDs filled with their favorite songs.

Custom CD Program
Union Supply Media Custom CD lets offenders choose individual tracks from our catalog to create their own personal mixes. This freedom of choice increases sales and offender satisfaction and gives management complete control of the content sold in your facilities. Union Supply Media can create, label and ship custom CDs almost instantly with our in-house high-speed CD writer.

MP3 Players
Union Supply Media can also provide a complete range of engraved MP3 players and digital media devices with clear plastic cases, offender-safe CD players, stereos, and speakers for offenders. Union Supply Media provides these to commissaries (through Union Supply Company) and directly through either offender or friends and family Union Supply Direct package programs or we can create a custom music and electronics package program just for you.

With more than 30,000 CDs and 5 million digital tracks already approved by our correctional partners, Union Supply Media will lead the industry in innovative digital sales solutions.

With hundreds of thousands of songs, educational, motivational, meditational and devotional tracks sold and delivered to offenders across the country each year, Union Supply Media has the proven flexibility, technology and experience to implement a digital content sales program and generate revenue.